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We foster and develop relationships with our clients to provide our services for maintaining a safe, drug-free work environment in a compliant and cost effective manner.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to professionalism and the integrity of the testing process. We combine cutting edge screening technology with the latest in compliance, education and industry standards.

Professional. Reliable. Compliant.

At Conspire! of El Paso, we will not pass an applicant who is unfit. Unfortunately, many people know where they can go to get clean results on a drug screening test. We pride ourselves in our integrity and compliance. We maintain an exceptionally clean, professional facility. We not only guarantee quick results, but also a quick turnaround time for every test.

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We help companies avoid lawsuits and liability problems and we comply with all federal regulations. We are also on call to accommodate clients’ needs.

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In addition to being Hispanic and woman-owned, Conspire! of El Paso is part of these organizations:

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security)