El Paso Background Checks

Background checks are crucial to maintaining a safe and professional workplace. Background checks reduce liability, improve the quality of your hires, and help your clients to feel safe trusting your company.

We guide employers through the entire administrative and legal process with background checks.

At Conspire, we offer the following Fair Credit Act Reporting-compliant screening products, which cover every type of hiring opportunity:

  • Civil court searches
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Executive resume screening
  • Professional license verification
  • Education verification
  • Nurse aide abuse registry
  • I-Med levels one, two and three
  • Tenant history
  • Global watch list reports
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • County and state criminal history
  • National criminal searches, which includes sex offender registry
  • SSN verification

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What are Background Checks and Who Should be Doing Them?

A background check is more than a criminal history check. Thorough background checks include employment history, education, as well as verification of references and civil records. While some industries actually require background checks, it’s beneficial for all employers. Industries that require screenings include insurance companies, financial services, and health care.

background frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks

Do I have to disclose that we are running a background check?

Yes, according to FCRA compliance regulations, you are required to let applicants know that you are running a background check.

What is the cost of an employee background check?

The cost varies based on the kinds of checks being done as well as the number of employees being checked. We’d be happy to discuss what you can expect to pay for a comprehensive background check.

What Information is needed to run a background check?

You will need the employee’s social security number, full date of birth, and full legal name.

We are happy to help employers through the complete background check process. Contact us today to learn more!