DNA Testing Services in El Paso

Accuracy and confidentiality are the top priorities with DNA testing. We partner with a DNA lab that provides both. These tests usually carry important news, so we take care to provide the fastest and most accurate results possible. All test are handled with the utmost confidentiality as well as discretion. DNA tests require only a swab of oral saliva, and testing usually take about 48 hours.

We understand that these tests should be simple and timely, and that’s exactly what we offer.

Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA tests are used to establish fatherhood. Because DNA is unique and handed down from parents biologically, DNA identification is a conclusive way to determine biological relationships.

Pre-Dispositional DNA Testing

Pre-dispositional DNA tests are used to determine whether or not an individual is at risk for developing genetic diseases. This test specifically tests predisposition to 25 different diseases from both genetic and environmental statistical probabilities. This test also includes a free session with a genetic counselor to explain test results and prevention recommendations.

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