Drug Testing Services in El Paso

Pre-employment drug screening and employee drug testing are both important for several reasons. Substance abusers compromise workplace safety and are more likely to be involved in workmans comp cases. Recent research has also shown that 40% of workplace fatalities involved substance abuse. It’s no question that substance abuse is a problem in the workplace. Drugs that are a major concern include heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs used non-medically.

There are several reasons to invest in drug testing employees.

We offer:

  • Nicotine testing.
  • Substance abuse professional (SAP) referrals.
  • Policy review, writing and consultation.
  • Designated Employee Representative (DER).
  • Random pool management TPA services.
  • Oral swab testing and hair test and collections.
  • Breath alcohol testing (BAT) and confirmations.
  • Rapid Result Quick Kits.
  • Non-DOT collections and testing.
  • DOT testing that is collected by professionals.

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Who Should Participate in Drug Testing?

All private employers can benefit from drug testing both during the hiring process as well as periodically with existing employees. We also specialize in DOT testing, as well as services for federal employees who need both drug tests and background screenings. Schools and sports teams can also benefit from drug testing.

drug tested employees

Promote a Safer Workplace:

Drug testing has been shown to significantly lower the risk of workplace accidents. An employee using drugs can potentially cost thousands of dollars in workers compensation lawsuits. In fact, according to the US Dept. of Justice, drug abuse costs business owners over $140 billion per year in the US, including the costs of employee turnover.

Protect Employees:

A drug-free environment protects employees from injury or harm to others. Drug-free employees are reliable and trustworthy, and a workplace free of substance abuse is safer for anyone who might enter the environment.

Provide Peace of Mind:

Knowing that employees are reliable and drug-free is invaluable, but it also benefits companies in several other ways. Consumers perceive companies that conduct regular drug testing as more professional, reliable, and trustworthy.

Why Choose Conspire?

At Conspire! El Paso, we pride ourselves in our fast, reliable tests and our commitment to compliance. The unfortunate reality is that other facilities often pass tests that should not be considered clean. We also know that drug users know where to go to get a clean test, and we mitigate this problem. Our facility is clean and professional, and we will not pass an unclean test.