Why is Pre-Employment Screening Important in El Paso?

There are several important steps that employers must take when filling an open position. Organizations in hiring positions want to ensure that they choose the most qualified and motivated applicant. Unfortunately, too many employers do not conduct pre-employment screenings.

This is often the case because employers aren’t aware of the reasons why they need to include screenings in their hiring process.

Highlights criminal history and past infractions:

Wouldn’t you like to know if an applicant has stolen from a previous employer or been violent in the workplace? If an applicant has previously been caught using or dealing drugs, that would be good information to be aware of as well. Even if the charges discovered are minor and out of date, it’s better to have the peace of mind that you’re hiring someone safe and trustworthy.

Avoids liability:

Certain companies including those that employ truck drivers can find themselves in unfortunate legal circumstances if they fail to do their due diligence in hiring someone and that person is in an accident.

Keeps employees and customers safe:

Background checks will alert employers to any applicants who might be violent criminals or sex offenders, and this protects customers and fellow employees from dangerous situations.

Verifies certifications and highlights dishonesty:

It’s an advantage to be able to trust your employees. Pre-employment screenings allow verification between the resume or application and the truth. Running a background check confirms their honesty and provides peace of mind to employers.

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